5 Months?!?!

I seriously do not know how it has already been 5 months since this little guy has joined our family! It keeps getting better and better every day. Just this weekend he has started this precious (and sometimes not so precious) high pitched squeal, and he has finally realized he has feet and that it might be fun to grab a hold of them! He loves to laugh out loud and will laugh with you! He still continues to be such a good baby and makes every day so much better for us! Here are some pictures that my cousin took this weekend. We love that she has a new fancy smancy camera to practice with! I'm not above offering up the babe as a model!

A Quick Update

Life with the baby still continues to get better and better! Everyone said our lives would change...we just can't possibly understand how great it gets until we had our own baby. He is still just the sweetest little thing and so good!

We've had a special guest this weekend. His Uncle Peter came for a visit, and the baby has just been mesmorized by him! Nana and Papa come to town on Tuesday. They couldn't stand the thought of not seeing the baby while he was 4 months old! haha Then this weekend Steffi comes for a trip to Canton! We can't wait!!

It is just amazing how much the little guy changes on a daily basis. Just two weeks ago he started going in his exersaucer and he could barely reach with one toe! In a weeks time he had grown enough to touch both feet to the bottom and turn himself around. This past week he has really started to interact with his toys. Just this afternoon I was on the couch on the computer and heard him grunting in his exersaucer. He had one of the toys around the neck and was trying to pull it off! SOOO cute!

He has started laughing with us and has the cutest chuckle! He is really interacting with people and his surroundings. We have started baby food, and so far he has loved everything we have given him! We've gone through green beans, sweet potatoes, peas, and squash. Up next are carrots and then on to fruits! We still need to work on the mess! Sometimes it takes a couple of times to get all of one spoonful in his mouth! I think in the next couple of days we will break out the highchair that Mini and Grandpa bought him. I think he is ready for it, but I've haven't been! Time is just going by so fast. I want it to slow down just a bit, but every day just gets better and better!! Here are some pictures to enjoy!

4 months old

I really do not know how the baby is already 4 months old. I want time to slow down a bit, but every day really does get better and better. This little guy is the best thing we have done, and we are honored to be his parents. I don't know what we did to deserve him, but we are so grateful that God chose us!

Here are a few things that we want to remember:

  • He loves to "talk"
  • Smiles when he sees people
  • Grabs and bats at his toys
  • He loves his bouncy seat, activity mat, and a singing bee he got for Christmas
  • He is a great traveler
  • He had learned he has a tongue and loves to stick it out at you
  • He is eating about 5 ounces at a time
  • He is a great little sleeper
  • He loves naps
  • We can lay him in his crib with a paci and burp rag on his face and he is out!!
  • He is sleeping through the night--usually 10 hours
  • He really only cries when hungry, needs a diaper change, or is ready to sleep
  • He got his first ear infection--poor baby!
  • He loves being around family
  • He has captured our hearts!!

Baby's First Christmas!!

We had a wonderful first Christmas with the baby! We spent quite a bit of time with both sides of the family. The baby is definitely loved by his grandparents and cousins!! Here are a few pictures from our adventures. We hope each of you had a wonderful holiday and that 2010 is the best year yet! Every day our life gets better and better!

Be vewy vewy qwiet! I'm huntin wabbits!!

Two of my favorites guys! I just love this picture of my guys!

Santa and the baby

Our family of three enjoying the lights

What a face!!!

Like Father Like Son

This is how the baby spent his first Christmas gift exchange!

Christmas Loot!

Santa must have been exhausted from delivering presents!
We found his asleep in Nana and Papa's living room on Christmas morning!

Love the little hair feathers!