Nursery-Stage I

We have begun planning for baby boy's arrival! We are well underway with designing and preparing the nursery. Over the past couple of days my mom has been here painting away. Here are some beginning stages photos. We are going with a Baseball theme. My mom has the fabric and will be making all of his bedding for us. Thank goodness Nana can sew! One of my favorite cousins (shout out Steph!) is taking on a huge project to paint some canvases with some baseball flair and eventually the baby's name (we are keeping it top secret) to hang on the wall that was once green in the pics below. Bedding and decor to come before too long I hope! I couldn't leave out the last picture of the furry babies in the nursery. They both LOVE to go in this room! Little do they know that eventually it won't be so quiet in there!

Happy Mother's Day

I'm not even sure if I've told my mother or mother in law about this blog. If I didn't, I had the best of intentions, but didn't want to spread the word about the blog until I was done tweaking the layout. Maybe now I should ask them if they know about this? :) I know once the baby gets here, they will care more about the blog posts with photos!

Being away from our families on days like today is really hard. We hope both of our mothers (as well as all other mothers out there) have a wonderful day and love them both very much. Thankfully we just saw both of them last weekend and got to spend some time with each of them!

Our day will be pretty laid back and may not even get off the ground. The hubby is still sleeping! I'm going to try to convince him to take me to lunch somewhere and then to Ft. Worth to look at the last fabric we need for the baby's room. I'm sure he will be excited about that one! Actually he's the best and has been just as excited about this baby as I am. I tell him all the time that he is probably going to make a better mom than me! hehe So I guess I should go tell him Happy Mother's Day!

A Long Overdue Update

I really need to do a better job at updating this blog, but by the time I get home from work I am tired of being on a computer!

We are winding down the house projects thanks to my parents being here for over a week and talking some of the projects. Really the last big thing to do on the house is to strip the garage and paint the floor. We were going to do this while my parents were here, but thanks to good ol' spring rains and thunderstorms our plans were postponed. Thankfully this is just a bonus project and isn't something that has to be done right away.

On the baby front all is going pretty well. I hit the 20 week mark tomorrow!! It's hard to believe that we are half way there! A couple of weeks ago we had our sonogram and found out that we are having a BOY!! We are both beyond excited and are in full force of planning his baseball nursery. The fabric is in, and we will be taking that to Nana the end of the month so she can work her magic! We'll finalize paint colors then as well and hopefully will find a time to get her up here to paint the nursery. Once it's painted my cousin, Stephanie, will hopefully treat us to some of her painting skills and add some whimsical touch to the room. *Hint Hint Steph check your email!!!*

I also need to work on getting some after pictures of the house, but just as we get things organize d and cleaned company comes and then we are back at square one. :) We love finally being able to have both sets of parents come visit at the same time and no one has to sleep on the floor!!